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Qivos integration

Qivos integration

DRB Services, 20th February 2020

Quivos creates loyalty, through customer data intelligence and machine learning.

There is full integration option between Magento 2 and Qivos cloud. I will show you part of the many advantages of it step by step in our first implementation at Omorovicza.

  • Earning and spending rules can be managed online from Qivos cloud. For instance the amount of earned points after registration, newsletter subscription, purchase can be set.

Earning rules

  • Earned and spent points are seen real time on Magento 2 admin platform.

Customer’s Páva history

  • It provides full log of transaction history with Qivos cloud included response code for developers and raw json data.
  • Built in error handling helps with email alert – integrates with Magento 2 invoice/shipping/refund processes.

Páva history with json file and response code

Available json data about earned points

  •  Quivos supports multi-tier program – in case of Omorovicza, as you can see in the gallery, they have Amethyst, Sapphyre and Emerald.
  • Supports multiple currencies and languages – in the picture below, spending rules are shown in EUR/GBP/USD and HUF.

Spending rules in multiple currencies

  •  Supports multistore/MULTIWEBSITE SETUPS.


  • Full integration option into Magento 2 checkout process.
    • Working with default coupon code feature.
    • Customers can add gifts suitable for their tier.
    • Earned and spent points in the current transaction are seen.
    • Discount summary can be checked.
  • Supports Onestepcheckout extension.

Redeem and overview of loyalty points at checkout – products in the cart are mostly cropped in order to better perspicuity

  • Syncing points to customer My Account.

Points summary and tier description in Loyalty My Account

  • Syncing all customer data to cloud for CRM purposes and segmentation.
    • Customers can be searched by personal, loyalty or other information.
    • Loyalty tier and current balance can be checked on customer pages.
    • Detailed summary is available, like average basket, total purchase, visit frequency and so on. Adhoc points ca be added here as well.
  • Syncing all invoices and transactions.
    • These can be searched and reviewed.

  • Admin integration is available for store owners.
  • Loyalty history tab on all customer pages showing all transactions.

All transactions of selected customer can be reviewed

  • Visible earned/spent point information on orders page and confirmation in emails.

Earned and spent point on Orders page

A nice feature for the end, customers receive personal offers into their Loyalty account, accordingly to their current tier.

Special offers for tiers

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel curious! For more information about Quivos or integrating it to your site please get in touch!