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Sana Jardin

Sana Jardin

DRB Services, 10th December 2019

We released Sana Jardin. Read project summary below.

The Challenge

Sana Jardin’s main ecommerce goals were to provide opportunity to purchase in multiple currencies (GBP, USD) by Adyen payment and to offer gift card and special bundles. They wanted to show the physical stores in a convenient way and increase transparency in the menu system.  They wished to integrate the store logo into the design and maintain the option to change images, promotion text on their own.


To achieve this, we picked Shopify. This platform provided a wide range of feature set, while allowing us to concentrate only on developing the necessary customisations. These included a unique Mega menu for desktop – while keeping the navigation convenient for customers on mobile devices –  and the Store Switcher.

We customized related products by tags and added relevant bundles automatically. The blog was redesigned to support managing many illustrated articles per page in a clear manner. Instagram feed connects the website with social platform.

By Store Locator and GEO redirect – based on customer location – the nearest shop is easy to find.


Checkout in different currencies  and gift card option make pleasure experience. Better social media and blog integration improved online presence and sales.

Have a look at the gallery!